Exercising in a group has its roots extending as far back as ancient Greece. As the years have gone by, group exercise has evolved but retained many of the same benefits as those the ancient Greeks valued. But maybe you’re not sure if exercising in a group is the right fit for you. We’re going to run down some of the advantages that set group exercise apart, and hopefully, that gives you the information you need to make the right decision for your fitness needs. And if you’re looking for the best group exercise classes in Bentonville, look no further than New You Fitness.


One of the biggest downfalls we’ve heard about from solo exercise is that it can get boring. You can only keep yourself so entertained when working out. When you work out with a group, it becomes a shared experience. Whether you thrive on competition or just need some friends to exercise with to keep you going, you can find both in a group environment.This makes the actual event of exercising much more fun than when you’re on your own. Socialization also helps with motivation and accountability, knowing that others are in the same position that you are. A group exercise class is a great way to find people that share similar goals and lifestyles, and it’s a great way to meet people when you move somewhere new.

Working out together provides something that is sorely missing in our technology reliant culture; human, face-to-face interaction. Sure, a lot of people may be quite shy and avoid contact. But most people thrive off of verbal communication, something that is rapidly being lost from our day-to-day lives. Working out in a group stimulates conversation, helps social interaction grow, and can even break someone out of their shell if they might have trouble connecting with strangers. Lifelong friendships have come out of many exercise classes!

-Motivation? What’s that?

Self-motivation and inner drive are great for those that have it, but a large amount of the populace have trouble getting underway when it comes to exercise. It can be tough to muster up the motivation to work out on your own. Group classes are a way to challenge your perceived limitations in a safe and fun way. While working with an instructor, they’re able to monitor your progress and see what helps keep you going. It’s much more likely that you will work harder when everyone around you is working to the same goal. It’s the most positive peer pressure you’ll encounter, as everyone wants to push each other to greater success.

-Keeping you honest

Having a class with a set schedule, instructor, and fellow classmates add multiple levels of accountability to your exercise. If you end up missing a class, they’ll wonder where you were. Now if you were sick, of course, that is acceptable and understandable. However, if you answer with an ‘I just didn’t want to,’ well that’s going to hurt your reputation. They’re all looking out for your well-being and want to see you meet your goals. Having them hold you accountable, sticking with your consistent schedule, will only help get you where you want to be faster. It’ll keep you honest and working diligently much more effectively than if you were doing this alone.

-Fun and Fresh

There are many different types of group exercise classes out there. Everything from Zumba and Yoga, to Kickboxing and indoor cycling; there’s a class that’s fun and a change of pace from the standard exercise grind. With exciting music and a good instructor, exercise can be very satisfying and stress relieving. Shared exercise with a group can feel like a good dance; everyone is in harmony, moving as one, exerting themselves to the best of their ability!

There are many other benefits of group exercise that we did not get into today, but many of those are very specific to who you are and what your fitness goals are. If you think a class is the missing piece to your exercise puzzle, call us at New You Fitness today. You can find a full listing of the classes we offer here. We’re ready to help you on your path to a New You!