There’s a popular saying that goes around a lot this time of year; “New year, new me.” At New You Fitness, we know how true this statement can be. A lot of people look at a new year like a clean slate, where they can start over and pursue goals that may have fallen by the wayside. Unfortunately, it can be tough to see those resolutions through to completion. While most gyms see their memberships double in January, those numbers dwindle back down in the following months. Your resolutions can be accomplished! We’ve gathered helpful tips for how you can stick to your fitness resolutions and hit your goals for 2018 and beyond. Call us at New You Fitness today to see what we can do for you!

Put It in Writing

Some of the biggest failings of many fitness resolutions are they are nebulous, broad, or otherwise too vague to really pursue. When you write down your resolutions, you have already taken a big step toward accomplishing your goal. If you have a list of specific and measurable resolutions, you can track your progress as you go along. Instead of having a resolution of “I want to lose weight”, making it more specific — “I want to lose ten pounds” — gives you a solid finish line to work towards. When you have that finish line in sight, you’re able to make a game plan to see it through with more confidence. Try breaking down the components of your resolution into numerical values to make your progress more clear to avoid getting discouraged.

Keep It Realistic

When you start planning goals, it’s easy to let your imagination run wild. This is especially the case with fitness resolutions, with many people wanting to make vast changes to their health in a relatively short amount of time. We’re not telling you that you shouldn’t shoot for the stars. It’s always good to have big-picture goals, but it is a recipe for failure if you don’t break those big goals into smaller, more manageable pieces. When you make your goals realistic to your abilities, it will make it more likely that you can see them through to completion, while building to a larger goal in the future.

Break It Down

With stepping stones, you’re able to find success more often, making it easier to stay motivated. If your big picture goal is to compete in a rigorous competition, like Tough Mudder, break down the different aspects of the race into separate goals you can work toward. For example, saying you want to do 10,000 push-ups in a year looks daunting and impossible to reach. Even if you break it down to a weekly number, you’re still looking at 192 push-ups a week. However, if you break it all the way down to a daily goal, you’re left with a much more manageable goal of 28 push-ups a day. When you break the numbers of a goal down like this, it becomes easier to track and less anxiety-inducing to look at.

Reward Milestones

Making a resolution is like running a 365-day long race. It’s important to have smaller goals along the way to give you a sense of accomplishment to push you to continue. When you hit those smaller goals, a reward is absolutely in order. Pick a reward that won’t undo the progress you’ve made, like a night at the movies or a nice massage (you’ll probably need one after the work you’ve been doing). When a milestone is accompanied by a reward, it gives you something tangible to pursue and a small way to celebrate your continued improvement.

Don’t Go It Alone

When you set out to make progress with your fitness, it can feel daunting and impossible to achieve. You don’t have to do this all on your own, though. Whether it’s getting feedback from friends, researching expert opinions online, or working with a personal trainer, asking for help will get you closer to reaching your goals than if you stubbornly try to fly solo. Not only will they be able to give you advice on your form and teach you about new techniques, they’ll be able to give you direct feedback on your progress. When you have someone working with you, they’ll help you stay on track and avoid moments of discouragement.

Make a Schedule

A surefire way to fail your resolution is with an “I’ll do it when I can” mentality. When you approach your goal like that, it’s far easier for it to fall by the wayside with excuses. Don’t leave your progress up to fate! Sit down and write a schedule for when you will do what exercises each day. Then, stick to that schedule! If you’re an early bird, schedule your workout for the morning. However, if you struggle to roll out of bed every morning, a 6 am exercise session is not going to be sustainable. Schedule your workout around when you have time and energy to ensure you’re able to stick with it.

Mix It Up

Working out has a potential to get boring if you are going through the same exact routines every single day. If you add in a variety of classes and exercises, it will keep you invested, interested, and help you find something you truly love. Take the opportunity to try things, like yoga, team sports, martial arts, and rock climbing. All of these exercises can help you make progress toward your goal while avoiding boredom. They say variety is the spice of life, and that’s absolutely true when it comes to working out.

Have an Accountability Network

When you’re the only one invested in your goals, it’s much easier to make an excuse to get out of working out. When you include a personal trainer, a workout buddy, or an exercise class, you’re creating a network of people invested in your progress. They want to see you succeed and will help you along the way. Not only that, you’ll likewise be invested in their goals, which means everyone can benefit from this. Whether you have scheduled workout sessions with a friend or you have signed up for a long-term class, having people to keep you accountable will help you honest and working hard.

Reevaluate and Refocus

Let’s start with a hypothetical. Your resolution this year is to run a marathon, but after a couple months of training, you’ve realized you cannot stand long-distance running. That doesn’t mean you should outright quit on a resolution. Instead, take this opportunity to take a closer look at your resolution. Is there a part of your training that you liked more than the other parts? Maybe directing your attention toward strength training over cardio is a better fit for you. Even if you have to refocus your resolution midway through the year, finding a new fitness goal to pursue still keeps you on track for your overall goal of health and happiness.

Having fitness as a New Year’s resolution is one of the best things you can do for your life, but it’s important to see it through to the end. These steps will help you meet your goals, but if you need a little bit of extra assistance, call New You Fitness! Located here in Bentonville, we have a huge variety of exercise classes and the most experienced personal trainers around. We want to help you on your path to a New You.