I never thought the “Boot Camp” workout would be for me. Group setting, male trainer, high intensity. I was leery at first. After my first workout, I was hooked! you can easily start from any fitness level. Brett is an awesome trainer. He makes us work, but lets us have fun at the same time. I could tell a major difference in just 9 weeks! The inches were coming off and my strength was increasing! Now, after 2 years with New You Fitness, I am down 16% body fat, I have lost inches, gained muscle, and my strength has increased to levels I never before would have thought possible! Along with attending boot camps, I love the other classes offered such as TRX, PiYo, and RIPPED. Now that they have an on-site nutritionist, my results are even better! I would definitely recommend New You Fitness to anyone looking for a fun workout that gets you results!